Sunday, June 9, 2013

American Hero

I would just skip this read and go away, frankly, everyone.  Seriously. It's ranty.

This is the CIA whistle-blower.  He knows our giant, scary, illegal security machine is going to come get him and render him (maybe with a little torture, just to please the boys back home) and turn him into some sort of demonized "traitor" for having the temerity to point out to the world what a disgusting pack of control-drunken, fascist, intrusive asswipes our government has become --and thanks for that, Obama, by the way. Am I ever sorry I worked for you on election night. 

No doubt some sort of jury-rigged "evidence" will emerge that shows him to be a child molester or rapist or something.  Not like I would believe ONE WORD coming out of the Land of the Free anymore.  Free of Honesty.  Free of Representation. And coming soon: Free of Freedom!

But this guy knows the shitstorm is coming for him and he doesn't care. Thought about it. Planned ahead for it. Gave up his normal cool American life in Hawaii so that people everywhere could get at least a glimpse of the insane, destructive, paranoid, greedy, controlling apparatus America has become. I wish him all the luck in the world.  I hope Hong Kong denies extradition forever.

I also hope whatever Federal scumbag is reading this email gets terminal, hideously painful ear cancer from their eavesdropping devices.  I wish I believed in Hell, cause then I'd know that at least someday you'd get what you deserve.

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