Saturday, January 31, 2009

Corner of Williamsburg & Toledo, Arlington

Charming, but trashed. Plus, it comes with a yakky 20-something guy living in the basement. Nope.

Plus, that is highly questionable pink bathroom.

4330 Old Dominion Dr.

Nice view. Essentially charmless. I don't think so. Too bad: best location, right off GW Parkway.

Lee Oaks Court - the Bad

The Good continued...

Lee Oaks Court: the Good

This the entrance to a place I looked at in theColonies

The entrance to a place in the gated community next door. Which would be convenient, if nothing else.

I took no inside pics because the girl who lived there was so young and shockingly beautiful she was already nervous to have a strange man there. If I had whipped out a camera she would have collapsed into an insanely appealing pile of quivering vixen jelly and I would have had an orgasm on the spot. A bad first impression to say the least.

Space - 4
Location - 10
Amenities - 3
Appeal - 4
View - 3
View when startlingly beautiful girl is present - 400
Price - 8

Doubtful. I need more changiness.


It has low stucco ceilings and is mostly just same-old, same-old. I give (out of 10):
Space - 5
Location - 6
Amenities - 9
Appeal - 3
View - 10
Price - 9

Probably not.

Powell Lane, Arlington

A huge stark, windswept building. Actually cheaper than where I am, plus the year-round lap pool. Kitchen and view are also nice. I had no idea that lake even existed.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Why do I have Aretha Franklin's hat?

Why indeed?

All in all... drive to work is not too bad.

Sure, it says 'Sears'...

...but it'll always be Jelleff's to me...

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Various Nostalgic Proximities

The red indicates the new potential residence and the former Marc Dr. residence and the nearness of the two thereof.  Not quite as close as I thought, but still mildly adjacent. The brown represents, I believe, a rough estimate of the location of my youthful mudding adventure.

Okay, Exterior Shots I Have

I'm curious to see how many pictures it will let me put up...

Everywhere outside is like this

It's an ice-shellacked, cocyx-shattering world out there. Also a small one: tomorrow I'm going to look at a place about 400 yds from Marc Dr.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Well, the dvd shows up pretty red, so it must be something else. Love you guys.

Winter at last

I come from Alaska to this?

Monday, January 26, 2009

Back in McLean

One never feels quite so bachelor-ish as when one discovers that one has somehow gotten a coffee ring stain on one's commode. Just how does one do that, one wonders?

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The only quiet place at SeaTac

Which retail experience is at Sea-Tac airport, and which is at Anchorage?

You get one guess...

The parking lot of a liquor store in Fairbanks

If you want to know what the hell this is about, head over to