Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pictures of a post-Snopocalyptic World.....

Guess who lost their keys in the snow? That would be Dumbass Me!

Dad, perhaps in some pre-empathetic incident, I just yesterday got in the mail a referral from my doctor to a physical therapist...because sudden recent onset of sharp, unrelenting pain in my left rotator cuff. Swear to God. I went the other day. We're breaking in similar fashion, it seems.

They canceled the Steps Christmas Party today.  It seems downtown Alexandria is a frozen quagmire with no parking or open businesses.  Can a quagmire be frozen? Or does that negate the very quagmiriness of it?  Hmmmm....  They also canceled the actual radio show performance at the Reagan last night. Glad we didn't screw up the recorded rehearsal the night before. :)  Too badly.  That would be a good one for you to listen to: a lot of me and the help has several songs as well.

Love you guys!

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