Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Opening Day

Went to the Nationals opening loss.  More horrific even than the score, a lopsided 11-3 or something, was the fact that the stadium was full of the very worst sorts of Philadelphia fans. These are people who have achieved considerable --and well-deserved-- renown throughout the sports world for being the most vile, objectionable, execrable, loathsome fans ANYWHERE.  Whatever you think of as the worst excesses of drunken sports-fan buffoonery, nastiness, or hooliganism, they are worse than that.  In Philadelphia some years ago, a fan of the opposing team had a heart attack in the stands from dealing with them. When the EMTs arrived on the scene to administer CPR, the Philadelphia fans URINATED on the medics for daring to help the enemy. They are the nadir of sports existence.  And they howled with lowbrow glee all blistering afternoon long as their team beat the crap out of the poor, overmatched Nationals.

But we did get to see Barack throw out the first pitch.  A horrible blooper that at least made it to the plate, if not that speedily. If you blow this picture up you can see him walking to the mound. A million Phillies fans --booing the President, naturally-- stood up at the moment of the pitch and blocked my view.

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