Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cop rant again: ignore harder


Apparently, if purified water is used by criminal elements to make drugs, then we need to take the ability to have pure water away from the citizens.  Can any amount of drug use possibly equal the damage inflicted on society by its "protectors?"  Rhetorical question: no. Nothing is more destructive to society than the ruling classes heavy-handed attempts to protect it. Who will save us from our brutal, stupid, classist saviors? I --once again-- in advance of any trouble I may ever be in, which I don't anticipate, since I'm not a trouble maker, not like that matters to the cops-- would like to take the opportunity to say in advance I will not cooperate with any police bullshit ever and will request a lawyer immediately, even if not even remotely involved and no matter the innocuousness of the questioning.  It doesn't mean guilt; it means I do not trust in any way, shape, or form the people who are supposedly there to protect us.  NWA had it right. F the police.  If they wanted justice they'd be heroes. But all they really want is closure...or more often, for you to shut up with your dissenting opinions. This is becoming Jackboot Land.  

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