Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Quote of the Day

Comment from a bostonglobe.com article delineating the insane, draconian 'necessary security precautions' to be implemented on the Fourth of July, virtually ruining the holiday for thousands of Bostonians who can no longer enjoy their generations-long 'Independence Day' traditions, thus handing 'the terrorists' yet another in a long line of victories. 

"We're celebrating a group of rag-tag average citizens who created the greatest (until recently) nation in the world by defeating the greatest existing empire in the world by cowering behind the police in fear of two morons with pressure cookers."

Yeah. Boston Strong. Way to turn us into sheeple, authorities.  NWA had it right. 

On a smilier note, we got free behind the plate Diamond Club passes plus elite parking for today's Nats game! Free food, game, and tickets.  And seats in the a/c should we so desire. Woohoo!

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