Monday, February 24, 2014

Last show of seven in Bristol, PA...

...I may have mentioned how we enjoy entertaining Corey Harris on stage before.  he is a charming, easygoing, handsome fellow, and the audience never fails to enjoy his befuddlement and inability to maintain character in the face of ridiculous stimuli.  To whit:  all week long I have been preparing him to expect a giant mustache at this last show.  My mustache in one of the bits  --initially a modest, if macho, Burt-Reynolds-as-the-Bandit kind of a thing-- had been subtly growing all week long, progressing to what seemed the obvious peak: a huge, bushy, Sam Elliott kind of a thing.

What he did not expect was a mustache 5 times that size: a gigantic construct that required fishing line and gaffer's tape to secure to my poor, inadequate face.  This photo --courtesy of Bari-- captures the exact moment of Corey glimpsing the ludicrous giant mustache and collapsing into a useless unresponsive heap within his costume.  I can't deny it: that felt pretty good.

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