Sunday, September 13, 2009

The City is Filled With Batshit Crazy Assholes...

...and their batshit crazy kids.  You would not believe the racist, insane, poorly-spelled ignorance on display everywhere you look here. There are signs calling Obama fascist AND communist at the same time. He's a gay womanizer. And an appeasing warmonger. And a nazi zionist. They don't even try to make sense or, indeed, even seem to have a passing familiarity with what sense is. There are signs calling for his death. It's hard to believe these people are actually human beings. See? Now they've got me thinking like them. There can be no God because if there were, lightning would spill from the heavens and smite all of these stupid, selfish people and their dim, barely-speaking cohorts where they stand, wiping this stupid shit from the face of the earth at long, long, last.

I am ashamed, as an American, to be even peripherally associated with this horde of brain-dead scum.

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