Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Corbetts

Kevin and I played tennis today, This picture is about Kevin and Jenny and brand-new, 1-week old Lucy. Isn't she adorable? But mostly it's about Jenny's ginormous, friendly, milk-swollen breasts. Aren't THEY adorable? Jenny is built like Tracey except instead of being 4'10" she's more like 5'8".  So NORMALLY she has a lot going on up there, anyway.  And now...well let's just say that very little can contain her maternal goodness. They're in the Steps, by the way, so I'm allowed to marvel at her prodigious mammaration. In fact, I colluded with Kevin to help him win $10. His brother-in-law refused to believe that I would mention Jenny's impressive torso nuggets aloud to her. I mentioned them. He paid up the $10. I don't feel like we cheated cause I would have mentioned them anyway....

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