Monday, May 24, 2010

Nationals beat the Orioles

It really is a lovely ball park.  Here you can see one of the Nat's winning traditions; they win little enough, so it's nice to see that they even HAVE winning traditions.  If you look just below the big "W" clock, you can see a tiny figure brandishing an American flag: also blown up on the scoreboard screen.  That's Screech, the energetic Nat's mascot, perched ever so high and waving the flag for all he's worth.  It's actually kind of neat and gives me the willies to think of standing way up there in a costume you can barely see out of and waving, essentially, a giant sail in windy conditions. He's probably tethered somehow, but still.

I thought had a good picture of Katie cheering rowdily in her Nat's gear, but when I looked at it later a blurry fat woman had somehow interjected herself in the photo. Too blurry to be funny, even. Damn.

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