Monday, October 18, 2010

With hours to kill and Laurel to drive through...

Thought I'd catch up on some old sites:

The lovely Laurel Square apartment at the top of Claxton drive on Contee Rd. Where we kicked out Mom's old roommate Gina and squirted out Kat. Well, one of us did, anyway.

The townhouse. I think Jame still wishes he lived there...

Good ol' Harrison, where fun times, Halloween parades, and childhood trauma occurred.

Eisenhower: it scared me when I went as a kid and I don't think Kate liked it any better.

What was "Delaney's Irish Pizza Pub", and then became just "The Irish Pizza Pub" after Old Man Delaney got caught nailing his daughter's underage teen friends, has now become the Surf-n-Suds laundrymat. Jo's first live stage show, albeit shared with a passle of drunken dwarves.

The Old Homestead. Still looking good, and not that different. The picture I tried to take of the back blurred, but your deck is still standing in its original form, Pops. You definitely build to last. I miss the tree in the front yard, though. :(

Thus ends the tour, love you guys!

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