Tuesday, July 26, 2011


OK, day off in beautiful, rainy Pittsfield.  At least the temp has dropped from the high nineties to the high sixties. Excellent.

They got some kind of bugs here. Playing tennis yesterday (gingerly) I felt a shocking burning pain on my left calf. When I finished the point (gotta finish the point) I looked down and something had chawed the hell out of my leg.  Here is a blurry pic of the deep L-shaped furrow whatever it was cut through my leg in about 3 seconds.  Plus there are incidental small point-like wounds all around the same area.  This wound is probably an 1 ⅛ inches long and deep enough to scab over like a cut. I wish to hell I'd seen whatever the heck it was that bit me. Especially since it got my right leg a few minutes later, though not nearly as bad. Some kind of malevolent flying melon-baller, it would seem. 

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