Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My camera is claiming to be full...

...even though it clearly isn't. So while I figure out how to 'empty' it out enough to save more pictures, I will cull pictures from other souces. For instance, you probably could have gotten through a large part of your life without even being aware of the stunning Japanese action film, "Hajirai Machine Girl". Here's a clip to click on.  It isn't dirty, although for a second you think it will be. Her bashfulness causes a machine gun to protrude from her ass, which embarrasses her more, which causes it protrude further and fire, and so on.  See? She's so embarrassed, she cries, "No!" It's tricky: you beat her in a fight, she gets embarrassed and that allows her to kill you. Tough call on whether or not to win the initial fight, there.  Japan is a rich, rich vein of weirdity.

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