Friday, August 12, 2011

An accounting

Mom, as I am about to leave here in two days, and you are one of the few who will understand something like this, here are some notes I have gathered driving the same route several times a day back and forth to the Cranwell to work and play.
  • It is 7.8 miles to the Cranwell from the hotel, lot to lot
  • There are 17 stop lights along the way
  • There is one additional flashing yellow light that --as a counter-- I cannot officially count as a stop light
  • There are 16 eating establishments of varying styles and price ranges
  • There are 3 grocery stores
  • There are 78 street lamps - actual street lamps, not to be confused with parking lot lighting adjacent to the roadway
  • There are 4 gas station
  • There are 2 banks. But intriguingly, there are 4 other financial establishments (Duh - Berkshire Hathaway...)
  • Curiously, there are 9 dentists and dental surgeon's offices. All but one in the first half mile from the hotel along 'Dental Row'
  • There are two country clubs, if you count the one you end at
  • There are three artistic representations of horses along the route
  • There are 19 speed limit signs in the southbound direction
  • There is a caveman and a pooping gargoyle with light-up eyes
  • There are 6 straw people - seven, if you squint and look up the hill
  • There are 19 blue houses
  • There are between 39 and 47 American flags, depending upon weather, inclination, and wavering patriotism, I suppose
OK, going to play for-real golf today, supposedly. We'll see. Love you guys!

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