Friday, August 19, 2011

Awwwwww...this is little Kaylee....

She screamed from Denver to about the Baltimore Beltway. Then she fell asleep. Actually, it wasn't so bad.  She was very cute when not screaming. It's just that all she really was capable of or interested in doing was eating, running around, or screaming. She soon got stuffed full of baby snacky food...and it was bumpy, so she couldn't run around...that left her with but one option. Which she exercised with a great and deafening vigor.  Her mom, Ashley, was nice and apologetic but mainly grim, since they were just stopping in Baltimore before hopping on another flight to Florida for another 2.5 hours. Long day for Mom.  Long flight for me.  I kept her entertained for a while, but the task and the length of flight were beyond my abilities.  I needed TW for this one. He can entertain children nonstop for hours on end.

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