Monday, June 10, 2013

On a sort of happier note...

The sort of is because my poor phone's charging jack is loose and my phone will no longer charge.  It has no juice whatsoever, so I won't be able to talk to anyone on the phone tomorrow, probably.  Sorry!  Fixing it is too pricey, and a wall charger cost a lot, too.  Here in the states, anyway.  So I ordered a wall charger and three extra batts from China and they MIGHT be here tomorrow.  I have dealt with this guy before for other phone chargers and he is fast, cheap, and his stuff always works. So, fingers crossed. Maybe I can talk to you guys on my birthday after all.  :)

Also, can't take a picture obviously, but got your package.  I opened the card....thank you thank you thank you.  Not opening the box until tomorrow. Have to have a present to open!  But your other gift goes most of the way to paying for the present I got myself:  a new TV.  Well, a refurbished TV, anyway.  But it's a large Smart TV so I can watch YouTube and Netflix and all that stuff I've been watching on my phone for the last year. Jamie Zemarel, a notoriously obsessed shopper and deal-finder found me a great deal. Also, if this one falls on my head, despite its size, I'll barely notice. Love y'all!

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