Thursday, August 29, 2013

Out with the old; In with the new

Carol bought this place in 2003; the place was built in 1989.  As far as we know, the refrigerator was the original.  It had been dying for some time.  It's made of lead, probably laced with radium, radon, and asbestos, didn't seal tightly at all, and --as you can see from this picture-- would only stay shut, in the loosest sense, if you propped a heavy stool against it.  This is a little too trailer even for me.

So we went shopping and picked up a floor model KitchenAide frig, almost exactly the same size, stainless steel (brushed satin), french doors with lower freezer drawer, ice-maker, water filtration, blah, blah, blah.  The price seemed excellent (perhaps too good, as my dickering on another appliance was met with a stoic resistance and I left unsatisfied and desiring a new stovetop) the delivery was prompt, and I have never felt so sorry in my life as I felt for the two guys trying to get the old, neutronium-constructed fridge, down the stairs and out.  They were young men, and strong.  But I'm sure at one point I heard them cry.  On the other hand, they whisked the new, slightly larger one UP the stairs with nary a problem.  It seems they make refrigerators lightweight and energy efficient anymore.  I'm thinking our electric bill should go down significantly 'cause, let's face it, a stool holding the door shut is not your best first line of defense against expensive oozing cold air. 

The first piece in the eventual replacement of all 1989-era appliances in the kitchen is now in place.  Cause we can't climb these stairs forever.  :)

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