Saturday, December 21, 2013

Look what I found!

Yesterday and today are the Steps radio show.  Long hours, lots of tension, culminating with a recorded live performance (tonight) where you get one shot at material that you barely know and that has changed overnight, plus everything has to be timed to the second.  All under the baleful, stressed-out eye of the Boss.   Always a ton of fun right before the holidays.  And live brand-new Lirty Dies are always like playing Russian Roulette with your memory.

However, got home and saw this! Thanks, guys!  Can I open it before Christmas? Are things inside concealed? Or are they naked and vulnerable to the prying eye and I should just wait?

Also, what is your phone number? The phone is in the repair shop as I type, but won't back before Christmas, sadly.  Killing me.  Can't communicate even in the minimal way that I do.  And I don't know anyone' number anymore.  Just mine. And a  fat lot of good that does me.

Alright, off to re-memorize lines that changed overnight. Love y'all.

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