Tuesday, March 8, 2011


OK, I realize that the fight between rich NFL team owners and rich, violent, obnoxious players is a hard one to pick a winner in. But as always -- management sucks more.  So much more it's hard to believe anyone thinks the players are anything more than distant runners-up in this particular who's-the-biggest-asshole contest.  I think this writer gives a very nice flavor of exactly what is going on in the "labor dispute" in professional football. If by labor dispute you mean, "My boss wants to take back my raises, cut my benefits, and increase the risk I face at work, because his obscenely fat-cat, greedy, shithead, take-home pay hasn't doubled this year, it's only grown at a normal rate."  Pardon my French, but fuck management and authority in general ALWAYS.  What management and authority wants is NEVER GOOD for anyone but their own pockets.  OK, off to Naples, FL in the morning. At the Ritz!

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