Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Go Caps!

My good pal Lenny, decided that A) being wealthy beyond normal measure, and B) inexperienced in many things, he wanted to go to a hockey game, so he took a bunch of us: me, Brian, and Felicia, to be exact. It was damn exciting. We saw the Caps tie it up with 47 seconds left in the game, and then two minutes into the overtime, I got to see the best hockey player in the world --Ovechkin- drive down the ice, dodging and knocking people down, to score the Caps' winning goal. Brian --who is a season-ticket-style hockey nut-- said we saw something that will be on highlight films for decades - AND WE WERE THERE!  That's him circling the ice in a spotlight.  Ovechkin, not Brian. Though that would be amusing.

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