Monday, June 20, 2011

Brian Best

I think I mentioned that my old pal, Brian, Gary's little brother, a stellar guy and someone I actually double-dated with before I got married, is semi-riddled with stage IV lung cancer that has moved all over, even up unto his brain.  We all got together and threw an event in his honor yesterday.  We did it in Columbia, at a private school. What was not realized was that in official buildings with computerized a/c and whatnot, the air conditioning is not able to be turned on on the weekend. So we did the event in a room that was about 90 degrees, and more like 110 on stage under the lights.  I was the MC and had to spend most of the day on the hot stage. So when you look at this picture and see one smooth, cool, together-looking guy and one quasi-demolished, bleary, wasted, spent guy looking on the absolute verge of death...uh, reverse those. I am actually fine, despite my near-funereal appearance. And Brian is much less than fine, despite his dapper front.

Interesting side note: the US Open was today (golf) and Brian mentioned that and one thing led to another and it turns out that Brian is a scratch golfer (translation: so good, he doesn't have a handicap when he plays officially) and loves to teach people to play.  He is --literally-- dying to teach me how to play right. He claims it is one of the things you cannot teach yourself. So he's going to take me out as many times as he can while he's still mobile.  I'm kind of psyched. Plus, I'll get to spend non-awkward time with him.

Love you guys!

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