Sunday, June 12, 2011

Yesterday met Kate, Jame, Jo, Alex, Matt, Beezer and Carol Lehan plus his sister, Kevin McDonagh, Ray Hatch, his partner and his Mom(!), Charlie Abel (fellow dandelion-head plus world's only cajun/minor league baseball player/principal male ballet dancer ) Jeff K. (a very old friend from pre-Toby's shows: Mary Poppins, West Side Story, etc...), for eats and CAKE!

Then we all went to see the closing night of Carol's show.  She was fabulous.  It was wrenching. The girls emerged with double handfuls of sodden kleenex and even Jame appeared a touch moist in the ocular region.  Though it may have been the lights. There are some more pictures here. Password is 'donne'.

Mine didn't come out: this is off the photographer's site, hence the watermark.

None of the many pictures I took of the show and the kids and the people at the party came out, of course. Except this one of Beezer. He continues to annoy with his stubborn, juvenile refusal to age.  Also, inexplicably, he is always bathed in an enveloping ethereal glow of light so he is easy to photograph. He claims it's the natural radiance of his soul. I claim that God wants to keep an eye on him at all times. Plus he was sitting under a halogen.

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