Friday, June 24, 2011

The trouble with being a sensitive, left-wing sort

...of which I occasionally am one --although 'sensitive' might be replaced by 'prickly' in my case. Or just 'prick' maybe.  Anyway, out front of Metro Center yesterday were pretty girls wearing fur coats in cages to protest the evil and unnatural wearing of fur. Although I think their grasp of 'unnatural' is a bit tenuous.  However, the nobility of their sacrifice and the crystal clear expression of their empathetic viewpoint is utterly lost because the reality of the situation is that any 20-30(-40?-50?-60?) year-old male who emerges from the metro is captivated by their display, yes. But do they see dedicated souls striving for the betterment of their beasty brethren? No. They see hot chicks in cages. "YEAH!  CHECK DAT SHIT OUT!  Look at this, Fred, chicks in cages! Man, cell phone pics....cell phone pics...hold still chicks! Quit whining about animals. Can you bare your teeth a little like you're mad cause you're in a cage and can't have sex with me right now? Yeah...that's the look. Oh baby.  Yeah. You want it, don't ya.  TONY! GET UP HERE! CHICKS IN CAGES! Man. I wish I had a chick in a cage. Hey, girlie, you look pretty hot in that fur coat, whyn't you slip that off....HOLD STILL!"

Yeah. Young women activists have a hard row to hoe. 

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