Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Also, a side note about Spanish Television...

My new favorite show after touring around the west for a couple of weeks has to be Telemundo's "Descontrol."  Of course, there are the obvious reasons: an overabundance of lush, scantily-clad, Spanish beauties shaking their barely-liveried and occasionally oversized tushes with a wild, Latin abandon.  However, there are also comedic elements, as this clip will show.  They are often shaking their shapely, desirable hinderparts to clunky, mom-and-pop sounding horn music performed by mariachi bands that seem to be comprised of middle-aged men concerned with neither their appearance nor their modern appeal.  It's as if MTV's Beach Party had Lawrence Welk playing, but kept shaking their hot, teenage asses 2012-style nonetheless. Charming.

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