Monday, October 29, 2012

Catching Up: Bremerton, Sat 10/27


OK, I've had a down couple of bummy days, but I'm trying to catch up. On one downtown corner in Bremerton is a large, arty fish holding a fishing pole...

 On the opposite corner is the fisherman he is catching. Cute. But weirdly, I met the city councilman after the show who had been the one that argued vociferously that the man, not the fish, should be the one getting caught.  His utter, guileless, and 100% complete lack of any sort of sense of humor made me doubt myself. Also wonder why he wanted the fisherman caught?  That seems humorous.  Not when he explains it. It is really strange to meet someone who really has no sense of humor whatsoever:  that is essentially the equivalent of "color-blind" to any normal funniness or jokes or amusing references or anything, really.  it's sort of a different kind of sociopathy. Unnerving.

Also, Bremerton's Admiral Theater is done up bigtime in "Under the Sea" motif.  I felt like Marty McFly walking in there.  

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